Ergometrine Oxytocin and Extradural Anaesthesia

  • 31 January 1976

J.E.Moodie and D.D. Moir: Ergometrine Oxytocin and Extradural Anaesthesia.
British Journal of Anaesthesia, Volume 48, Issue 6, June 1976, Pages 571-574


Blood loss and the incidence of emetic sequelae were assessed in 148 patients undergoing midcavity forceps delivery under continuous lumbar extradural analgesia. Five units of oxytocin i.v. was found to be as effective as ergometrine 0.5 mg i.v. in reducing blood loss at delivery. Nausea, retching or vomiting occurred in 35 (46%) of the mothers who received ergometrine and in none of those who received i.v. oxytocin. The cardiovascular side-effects of ergometrine and oxytocin are reviewed and compared with special reference to patients with hypertension and heart disease. It is suggested that 5 units of oxytocin i.v. should be preferred in these high-risk patients. Because of the absence of an emetic action, i.v. oxytocin is preferable to i.v. ergometrine for patients receiving extradural analgesia

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