Sponsors and CROs

Clinical Trials NZ runs both sponsor lead and investigator lead clinical trials, through public and private facilities within Hamilton, New Zealand. Clinical Trials NZ is dedicated to providing exceptional care to our patients, while collecting exemplary data.

Quality Data

Clinical Trials NZ is here to provide quality data for your trial. The staff at Clinical Trials NZ are experienced at developing source documents which are designed around your specific protocol. With our vast experience in a number of EDC/eCRF platforms, our staff will ensure that assessments are completed and documented in real time.

Quick Start-up

Clinical Trials NZ is able to work alongside your company to establish the feasibility of your study at our site. We have  experienced staff who are able to work closely with New Zealand Health and Disability Ethics Committee, allowing our team to complete Ethics applications in a tight timeline. We aim to start enrolment within three months of receiving feasibility, this includes site selection visit, Ethics submission and approval, locality approval, budget negotiation and executing the contract.

Fast Enrolment

Our staff are experienced in using a number of different enrolment platforms, we work together with our sponsor companies to ensure all resources are used to obtain maximum enrolment. We have an established database which allows quick access to potential subjects for your trial. Our study coordinators develop a pre-screening questionnaire specifically for your protocol to assist in the enrolment process.

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Our Current Specialities:

Vascular clinical trials Vascular
Ophthalmology  clinical trials Ophthalmology
Family Medicine clinical trials Family Medicine
Orthopaedic clinical trials Orthopaedics
Clinical trials for ENT Ear Nose and Throat medications ENT
Clinical trials for Vaccine Trials Vaccine Trials 
Chronic pain, healthcare, patient, treatment Chronic Pain 
Cardiology, device, fetal, healthcare, medical, monitor Medical Devices
Healthy Volunteer Trials Healthy Volunteer Trials

Current and Previous Sponsors

Apellis Pharmaceuticals